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Xander Phillips is having a really, really bad day. Is it because he’s mourning the untimely death of this father? No, that’s not it. Is it because his girlfriend broke up with him? Nope. Is it because for the last eight years he’s been stuck reliving the same mediocre day over and over again? Well … Oh wait, is it because August 24th is the day he may die? Yeah, that may have something to do with it.

The Probability of Time by Tim Koster

The Probability of Time

After spending a decade hunting Grimwick’s most notorious serial killer, Detective Liam Smart thinks he’s finally caught a break. But when a new victim is discovered, he fears he may have caught the wrong man.

Determined to bring swift justice, he enlists the help of Lorelei, a young, enthusiastic historian who may have knowledge vital to unlocking this new mystery. But as the case’s evidence begins to build, Liam quickly discovers Lorelei isn’t just beautiful and smart, she has a secret …

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