Price Reduction: The Probability of Time

BROAD BROOK, Conn. – In lieu of the coronavirus pandemic and the threat of individuals subject to prolonged quarantine, 46 Series Entertainment, an indie company for indie writers, has announced the discount on the Kindle edition Tim Koster’s debut novel, The Probability of Time.

Read chapter one of The Probability of Time, here.

The Amazon Kindle edition of the story, originally $4.99, will be reduced to $0.99 for the entirety of America’s national state of emergency.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is just beginning,” said Tim Koster. “I hope it’s a short-lived emergency, but it’s important to prepare for and expect the worst and, aside from making sure you’ve got essentials such as food and water, I think it’s important to stock up on entertainment, too.”

The Probability of Time is the first book in The Historians Trilogy, a steamy action-packed thriller about time travel, alternate history, and American secret societies dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Get your copy of The Probability of Time, here.

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