What are my 2022 writing plans?

Why do I write

It’s already February – wait, where did January go again? Anyways, it’s about time I talk about what I hope to accomplish this year with my writing. I figure, if I actually want to accomplish any of my goals for the year, I need to write them down, create deadlines, and stick to them.

Easy-peasy, right?

Here is what I want to accomplish this year:

Finish The Children of Time

If you’re not aware, The Children of Time is the follow up novel to my debut science fiction crime thriller, The Probability of Time (it’s currently FREE on Amazon until Feb. 4, 2022). I’ve been outlining, writing, re-outlining, and re-writing sections of the book for over a year now. Since my debut came out more than 2 years ago, I really want to dig in and get the first draft of this completed so I can get it edited and formatted for release later this year or early next year.

Create a short story anthology

I released my short story August 24th last year on Amazon. Prior to its release, I hadn’t written a short story in years so I could focus on more long-form content. But when I tell you that I love that short story, I’m not lying. I think it may be the best piece of writing I’ve created in a long time. Anyway, writing a novel takes a long time and I have a whole bunch of story ideas bumbling around in my head that I think could work well as short stories. So, I’m going to try and compile them all into an anthology to release later this year.

Develop an audio series

I’ve been researching podcasts a lot for work. While doing so, I discovered several audio series that have been published, telling a wide array of stories from science fiction to history. I think this is a really awesome media and I’ve been thinking of things I can do to boost my YouTube presence. I don’t think I’ll get this recorded or uploaded this year, since I have those two other projects in the works, but I think if I can get them written and maybe edited, I could focus on producing the final product in early 2023.

What do you guys think? Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Is there one project you’re looking forward to more than another? Let me know in the comments!

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Published by Tim Koster

Tim Koster is an American author who was born and raised in Portland, Maine. After graduating from Deering High School, Tim attended Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire, where he studied English with an emphasis on creative writing. In his junior year, Tim enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve as a public affairs specialist and deployed on two combat missions – his first was to Iraq in support of Operation New Dawn (2011) and his second was to Syria in Support of Operation Inherent Resolve (2018). Tim currently lives in Connecticut with his wife and son.

2 thoughts on “What are my 2022 writing plans?

  1. Interesting to note that you share a title with Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children Of Time. And I might very well check out your first book too, since it’s free. Thanks for the giveaway, and wishing you all the best for your second book. Wishing you no paucity in your creative endeavours for 2022!

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    1. Thanks Stuart, I hope you were able to pick up a copy while it was free. I hadn’t actually thought about Tchaikovsky’s novel when I came up with my title, but they have pretty different story arcs, so I feel okay about it. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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