The Probability of Time

Book #1 in the Historians Trilogy

After more than a decade of hunting down the Arrowhead Killer, the city of Grimwick’s most notorious serial killer, Detective Liam Smart can’t help himself from celebrating on the eve of the killer’s execution. Liam feels a colossal weight lift from his shoulders when justice has finally been served for the fifteen young women this psychopath took from this Earth.

The bliss of freedom is short-lived when another victim is discovered the next morning. There is no way the convicted killer could’ve done this. Did he have an accomplice or did Liam arrest the wrong man? Whatever the cause, Liam will rest at nothing to solve this new case. But this case is unlike any of the original murders so Liam enlists the help of Abigail, a young, enthusiastic historian who may be the key to unlocking this new mystery.

Liam quickly discovers Abigail isn’t just beautiful and smart; she’s secretive. Normally, it’s a quality that Liam can often overlook in a woman, but when Abigail’s secrets inadvertently drag him into the middle of a secret war that’s responsible for reshaping the American political landscape, Liam has no choice but to join the fight.