Amanda Smart

Amanda Smart

Occupation: Interior Designer

Maiden Name: Bartley

Liam Smart

Matthew Smart

Frank Bartley
Elise Bartley

Amanda Smart is a supporting character in The Probability of Time. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and moved to Grimwick with her parents when she was eight. She met Liam Smart, her future husband, as a senior at Revere-Morris High School.

Upon Graduation, she attended the Rhode Island School of Design to study Interior Design. After marrying Liam, she started Smart Designs, LLC so she could continue to work while also raising their son Matthew.

Early Life

Amanda was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Frank and Elise Bartley. Her parents were both teachers. When she was eight, her mother was offered a new job at Wiggin Elementary School in Grimwick. She was a popular child in elementary school and disliked the idea of moving so much, she tried to run away in order to return to Philadelphia and got lost in the process.

After several days of searching, an officer with the Grimwick Police Department found Amanda hiding in a culvert near the highway. The trauma she suffered from this ordeal led her into an isolationist state of mind where she felt unable to trust anyone.

It wasn’t until she fell in love Liam Smart while attending Revere-Morris High School that she began opening herself up to the world again.


Following High School, she attended the Rhode Island School of Design to study interior design. At 22, she became pregnant with her son Brandon. Her parents encouraged her to drop out of school and allow Liam – who had just finished the police academy – to support her financially, but she insisted she finish her last semester.

She gave birth to Matthew three days prior to graduation.

Struggling with the desire to work and be a mother, Amanda started her own business, Smart Designs, LLC. After several years of hard work, she began to get noticed by several of Grimwick’s most illustrious families, including hotel baron, Brandon Cloud.

Personal Life

While attempting to run away from her new family home in Grimwick, Amanda discovered the dark underbelly of the city first hand. Although she wouldn’t say much during her interview with police, she revealed in her therapy sessions that she was harassed by several older, homeless men. One man even snatched her and tried to sell her to his dealer for a quick hit of methamphetamines.

Despite her regular therapy, it wasn’t until she met fellow high school student Liam Smart that she began to feel comfortable opening up completely. They married a few months after graduating from high school.

Despite becoming pregnant in college and giving birth just a few days before graduation, Amanda felt as though her life was perfect. All that changed, however, when Liam was assigned the Arrowhead Killer case. He became obsessed. He stayed late at work, began drinking heavily, missed several important family events, and on a few occasions he came close to taking his frustrations out on her physically.

Three years prior to the beginning of The Probability of Time, Amanda left Liam and moved back to Philadelphia to ensure the safety of her and Matthew.


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