Clint Thompson

Clint Thompson

Occupation: Police Captain

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Captain Clint Thompson is the police chief in Grimwick’s 20th precinct. He is a supporting character first seen in The Probability of Time. Thompson comes from a family of law enforcement. His father was a thirty year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and his grandfather was a detective in Los Angeles. He has a reputation as a hard-headed, unrelenting enforcer of the law, which is why he was selected to head the city’s detective corps.

Early Life

Clint Thompson was born in Los Angeles and spent the first four years of his life on the west coast before his father was reassigned to the FBI’s Grimwick field office. He was a meticulous student who achieved straight A’s through high school and college.

After graduating from Florida State University with honors, he returned home and attended the Grimwick Police Academy.


The Thompson name was something of law enforcement royalty in Grimwick, but he refused to allow himself any special treatment because of these ties. Early in his career, he was put under investigation for the on-duty shooting of a teenager who brandished a toy gun in the proximity of a robbery.

Thompson was found not guilty of the crime but never allowed himself to forget the young man. Every year on the anniversary of the boy’s death, Thompson would visit his grave and deliver an envelope with $5,000 cash to his family.

The incident also made Thompson become more vigilant in his training and, once he made the rank of captain, he held his officers and detectives to a higher standard of performance than what was required by the department. This was how he earned his hardened reputation.

Personal Life

Thompson met his wife in college. Three years after graduation, they would marry. Together, they would have three children: Jack, Isabelle, and Carol.


The Probability of Time