Jessie Triggs

Jessie Triggs

Occupation: Counselor | Teacher

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Jeremy Triggs
Michelle Triggs

Jessie Triggs is a supporting character first seen in the epilogue of The Probability of Time and makes another appearance as a supporting character in the sequel, The Children of Time.

Jessie was incubated through the Syndicate’s Ministry of Amalgamation with identification number 100586 and raised by her parents Jeremy and Michelle Triggs. Through the government’s job placement program, she was trained from an early age to become a counselor and teacher for the city’s youth at the New Citizen Education Center.

During a broadening assignment as a teenager at the Ministry of Ration, Jessie met Lorelei Fisher. Prior to the beginning of The Probability of Time, Jessie was taken by The Syndicate and forced to undergo a procedure known as reintegration as a method of motivation for Lorelei to participate in the Grimwick mission.

Early Life

Jessie was born using the standard artificial birthing system developed by the future government in order to eliminate genetic defects and the health risks associated with childbirth.

At birth, she was assigned her career as a counselor and teacher for children. Her education was focused primarily on that career track until her graduation and start of employment on her eighteenth birthday.

Despite her career path chosen for her, all teenagers are required to conduct a broadening assignment to learn the importance of other careers in the city. Her assignment was at the Ministry of Ration where she, and other teens, learned the process of distributing food rations.

It was also during her broadening assignment that she met her future wife, Lorelei Fisher. These two women had a whirlwind romance and opted to forgo the government’s partner placement program (designed to eliminate divorce and the potential for unhappy companionship). It’s an uncommon decision, but one that worked out well for the couple until Jessie was taken from their home by special government agents.


As a counselor and teacher, Jessie is responsible for teaching the city’s youth between the ages of two and five about critical general skill sets for all citizens. These skills include reading, writing, math, and discipline.

Personal Life

The life of a citizen in the future is extremely regimental and leaves little free time for people to express themselves individually, though it isn’t outright prohibited. During her time at the Ministry of Ration, she learned the nuances of the government-issued foodstuff and tricks on how to use readily available materials to improve the taste.

Cooking soon became a hobby and her meals were universally loved by her family and friends who have the opportunity to taste it.

Following her marriage to Lorelei, the couple moved in together. Though they were assigned a housing unit on the other side of the city from her parents, she still made an effort to remain in close contact with them and visited whenever possible.

Prior to her abduction, she and Lorelai had made appointments to visit the Ministry of Amalgamation to look into their options for acquiring their license to become parents. Being a mother was one of Jessie’s biggest dreams since she was a child.


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