Lorelei Fisher

Lorelei Fisher

Occupation: [REDACTED]

Jessie Triggs
Liam Smart

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Tyler Fisher
Gina Fisher

Lorelei is a time traveler from the future and one of the main characters in The Probability of Time. While visiting the past, she meets Detective Liam Smart at Patrick’s Pub in Grimwick. When he approaches her for assistance in a high-profile murder case, she reluctantly agrees. However, in the process of doing so, they’re both kidnapped by the mysterious organization, The Syndicate, and thrust into a secret war that’s been shaping the American political landscape since the Revolutionary War.

Early Life

In the future, children are not conceived or born in the traditional method. Instead, parents choose their offspring’s desired physical traits, and the government genetically engineers children based on the parent’s request. Lorelei was born with identification number 180521 and raised by her parents Tyler and Gina Fisher.

Every child is assigned a career at the age of eight based on a placement exam they’re given. During their teenage years, every child conducts several broadening assignments so they can have a better understanding of how everyone in society works together for the common good.

Lorelei was assigned a career as a [REDACTED] and quickly became one of the best in the business.


As a [REDACTED], one of Lorelei’s primary missions is to travel through time to moments of significance in human history.

In the events of The Probability of Time, Lorelei is sent to Grimwick where she meets Liam Smart and attempts to assist him in his investigation of the Arrowhead Killer. While on the mission, she and Liam are captured by the Syndicate and forced to go on the offensive with the mysterious organization.

To try and prove to the detective that her motives were true, she broke one of the most important rules of time travel and transported Liam to revolutionary America, only to find the Syndicate’s arm reached back that far as well. In order to preserve the timeline, She and Liam inadvertently alter the course of history and work against the clock to try and fix the timeline before it’s too late.

Personal Life

During her broadening assignment as a teenager, she fell in love with another young woman named Jessie Triggs. Societal norms in her time dictate that every young man and woman conduct an interview with a specialized member of the government to find their most suitable mate. Determined not to be split up, Lorelei and Jessie decide to forego the matching process and legally pair with each other.

Prior to her Grimwick mission, she and Jessie had begun the process of choosing their own offspring’s traits. However, during the mission, she develops feeling for Liam Smart which leads to a more physical relationship. When she returns, her relationship with Jessie gets turned on its head when she discovers she’d pregnant with Liam’s child.


  • Lorelei’s name was originally Abigail in the first draft of The Probability of Time. She was later renamed to Lorelei after the German legend of Lorelei Rock and the Siren.
  • Her name was misspelled with an “a” (Loralei) in early editions of the book.
  • Actress Alexandra Daddario was the inspiration for how Lorelei looks.


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