Samuel Austin

Samuel Austin

Occupation: Marine | Watch Maker

Bessie Austin

Cecilia Austin

Samuel Austin is a supporting character in The Probability of Time. He was accused of murdering fifteen women under the alias Arrowhead Killer and arrested by Detective Liam Smart prior to the beginning of The Probability of Time. He was found guilty and executed for these crimes, however, when a new murder victim was found the day after his death, questions arose as to whether or not he was the real killer.

Early Life and Career

Samuel Austin was born in Sudbury, Vermont to Samuel Sr. and Mary Beth Austin. He was a curious kid which often led him to getting in trouble with school or local law enforcement. His father would punish this misbehavior with lashing from his belt.

Following his graduation from High School, he enlisted in the United States Marines in order to escape the mundane small town lifestyle and his abusive father. He served for several years at Marine Corps Air Stations Yuma and Iwakuni, reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant.

He served one combat tour to the Middle East. During his time in combat, he lost several friends and became very vocal about his perception of his leadership’s ability to command. During a pre-mission briefing, he raised concern that the area his unit would be going into was too dangerous to do alone and refused to obey orders when he was told to do the mission anyway. He was confined to the brig and, while in confinement, learned his unit had been decimated with zero survivors.

Later, he was court marshaled for insubordination and dishonorably discharged.

Post-military career

Austin served three years in confinement for his disobedience. Upon his release, he moved to Grimwick and joined an apprentice program for recently released inmates and learned to become a watchmaker.

Personal Life

The loss of his friends in combat led to a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, which was amplified by survivors guilt after losing his entire unit while in the brig. He attended several therapy sessions after his discharge as a requirement of the apprentice program he was a member of.

His therapist was Bessie McNamara, who he would later date, eventually marry, and have a daughter with. A few years after Cecilia’s birth, Bessie was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away, leaving Samuel alone to raise their daughter. The death of his wife triggered an onset of severe depression which often led to welfare checks from child protective services and local law enforcement.


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