Sarah Yang

Sarah Yang

Occupation: Nurse

Liam Smart


Yang Jing
Yang Ju

Sarah Yang is a supporting character who makes her first appearance in The Probability of Time. She is a nurse at Grimwick Memorial Hospital and helps Liam Smart return to health after his encounter with the Syndicate at the Wiggin Elementary School.

Early Life

Sarah is the daughter of Chinese emigrants Yang Jing and Yang Ju. Her father, Jing, moved to America with his wife to pursue a career opportunity in business. Unfortunately, shortly after they arrived, the business venture failed due to racial tension with investors. It was around the same time Ju learned she was pregnant with Sarah.

Determined not to let their daughter grow up poor, Jing and Ju opened a Chinese grocer in an area of the city popular with Chinese families and found enough financial success to live comfortably in the middle class. They named their daughter Sarah in hopes that an American name would protect her from the same racist behavior they encountered when they moved to Grimwick.

Sarah would graduate high school and attend a nursing program at Grimwick Community College before beginning her career at the hospital.


Sarah’s parents instilled a sense of dedication and pride for education in their daughter and expected great achievements out of her. Although they would’ve preferred she become a doctor, she achieved top marks in her nursing education and quickly climbed the ladder at Grimwick Memorial Hospital and became one of the youngest nurses in the hospital’s history to become a supervisor.

Personal Life

Despite her parent’s rigorous expectations for her, and her professional successes, Sarah still managed to lead a relatively normal American life. As an adult, she frequented night clubs with friends and lived a promiscuous lifestyle, experimenting with various drugs, alcohol, and sexual fetishes.

Sarah was vacationing in Vermont when the events of The Last Great War occurred. When she heard what happened, she traveled back to Grimwick in order to make sure her parents were okay. Instead, she found the city reduced to ash.

She reunited with Liam while wandering the ruins of the city. They banded together to try and unite survivors. Their friendship would go on to blossom into a relationship after helping each work through the mental turmoil of accepting the fates of their families and friends.


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