The Arrowhead Killer

The Arrowhead Killer

Occupation: Serial Killer

Samuel Austin
Martin Kress

Teresa Burleson
Anne Gilbert
Melissa Walter
Jillian Sparks
Sandra Coble
Steffanie Lam
Rose Salcido
Manya Roberts
Michelle Epiceno
Alyssa Tucker
Bethany Olafsen
Lindley Moss
Sarah Hall
Grace Henry
Katherine White
Thea Cloud

The Arrowhead Killer is a moniker given to a serial killer in Grimwick in The Probability of Time. Over the span of 10 years, the Arrowhead Killer is credited with fifteen deaths. His victims were all young women who had a tendency to be out late in secluded areas of the city.

After killing his victim, he would dismember the body and lay it out in a design similar to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and place two stone arrowheads over her eyes.

Detective Liam Smart was given the assignment to identify the killer and bring him to justice. The Arrowhead Killer managed to avoid capture for a decade by being meticulous about cleaning the crime scene and not leaving behind any incriminating evidence.

Six months prior to the beginning of The Probability of Time, Detective Smart was given a tip about a suspicious storage locker owned by Samuel Austin by local mafia boss Anthony Russo. The locker held a treasure-trove of evidence to suggest Austin was the Arrowhead Killer.

Austin admitted to the murders and, despite a feeble attempt by a relative to break him free from Iron Heights Prison, he was executed for the crimes.

The day after Austin’s execution, hotel heiress Thea Cloud was found in an abandoned warehouse, murdered in a near-identical method as the Arrowhead Killer.

As the lead detective on the original case, Detective Smart, along with his partner, Jamaal Bradford, begin a new investigation only to have things go sideways after Smart asks Loralei Fisher to assist in the case.


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