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Thea Cloud

Occupation: Influencer

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Cynthia Cloud is a supporting character who first appeared in The Probability of Time. She is the heir to Cloud Worldwide, a global chain of luxury hotels started by her father Brandon. Thea was murdered by the Arrowhead Killer prior to the events of The Probability of Time. Her murder is what initiated Liam Smart’s journey with Lorelei Fisher.

Early Life

Thea’s grew up at her family home in the prestigious region of Grimwick known as Paramount Point. Because of her family’s fame, she lived a somewhat sheltered life, attending private school and maintaining social connections with only the children of the country’s elite. Her family did a good job keeping her out of the spotlight until her teenage years when she discovered social media and quickly grew a massive following.

Her status as a social media influencer opened the door for her to experience the more seedy side of Grimwick life, which she did hand-in-hand with her best friend Rebecca Knight.


Her career as a social media influencer started when she joined her first video sharing app. Because of her family name, she quickly garnered a large following of fans. Her overnight success opened the door for many other ventures, including into the world of adult entertainment.

She found there was an abundance of cash to be made selling intimate videos online. When she brought her friends Becca and Victor into the mix, the cash flooded in faster than she knew what to do with.

Personal Life

Growing up, Thea’s parents did the best they could to keep her out of the media’s spotlight in order to give her the most normal childhood possible. She attended private school and her circle of friends was close knit to those in the same socio-economic lifestyle.

Her best friend was Rebecca Knight. The two women were inseparable as girls, practically living in each other’s homes as sisters. As teenagers, their connection grew deeper and Thea wanted to experiment with taking their relationship to a new level, but knew her family would never approve and feared losing her friend if it didn’t work out.

Things became complicated when Thea entered the world of amateur adult entertainment and convinced Becca to do it with her. To stave off any questions from her parents, she convinced them she was dating another friend, Victor Seijas – who was actually Becca’s boyfriend.

On the night of Thea’s murder, the tension between the three friends bubbled over and she and Becca got into a fight during the opening night of Oracle, a new nightclub in the Warehouse District of the city. This was the last time either of her friends saw her alive.


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