Xander Phillips

Xander Phillips

Occupation: Student



Bernard Phillips
Rachel Phillips

Xander Phillips is the main character in August 24th: A Short Story. He’s a 16 year old boy who lives in a southern suburb of Grimwick. After the death of his father, he wanders in the woods near his house and finds a mysterious well and tosses a quarter in to make a wish but never expects it come true.


Xander is the only child of Bernard and Rachel Phillips. He has what most would consider a normal childhood until his father is unexpectedly diagnosed with a brain tumor on August 10th and passes away five days later.

The death of his father leaves his relationship with his mother in shambles and, to help himself find closure, he wanders into the woods near his house. It’s in these woods he finds a mysterious well and uses his last quarter to make a wish for immortality.

The next day, he wakes up at the beginning of a strange series of events that will have him confronting his own fears, a childhood love interest, and the meaning of life.


August 24th: A Short Story