Chrono Cypher

Chrono Cypher

Magical Artifact

The Chrono Cypher is an ancient magical device forged by stonecutter Er Starblood and Master Thaumaturge Harun Aetherium during The Evanescence in the 3rd Century of the Telos Era.

The device allows the wielder to view every possible variation of temporal events and see the connections between them. The Chrono Cypher consists of three parts: The Temporal Stone and two crystal vessels, a skull and an egg.

Starblood and Aetherium crafted the Chrono Cypher in secret because it was against the law to use magic to view or manipulate spacetime out of fear of how that power could be used.

After using the Cypher to view the future, it was dismantled, and the parts were hidden around the world.

The Temporal Stone was first discovered by the Babylonian King Hammurabi who used it to develop the Code of Hammurabi and the conquest of Mesopotamia. After Hammurabi’s death, it would exchange many more hands before disappearing from history after the destruction of the Library of Alexandria.

The skull vessel was discovered by the Mayans, who erected the city of Lubaantun (in modern day Belize) to revere and worship the artifact. The skull would remain in Lubaantun until Anna Mitchell-Hedges discovers it during her father’s excavation of the site on her seventeenth birthday.

The egg vessel was first discovered by Peter Carl Fabergé as a child while digging in the ground near his home in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He held on to the artifact for much of his life and used it as a model for his famous Fabergé Eggs he crafted for Maria Feodorovna.

In 1917, Fabergé placed the vessel in his egg named Karelian Birch with the intent of passing it along to the royal family. However, the vessel went missing when the egg was looted from Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich’s palace during the October Revolution.


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