Iron Heights Prison

Iron Heights Prison

Location: Oakridge, Grimwick

Noteworthy inmates:
The Arrowhead Killer
Liam Smart

Iron Heights Prison is a maximum-security U.S. Federal Penitentiary in Oakridge, a suburb of Grimwick. The prison was first referenced in The Probability of Time.

The prison got its name from the granite cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on which it was built.

The facility began as a state prison but was retrofitted with additional cells, labor camps, and security with federal funds during the mid-twentieth century to house the increasing number of felons arrested in Grimwick.

Since its conversion, Iron Heights developed a reputation for housing some of Grimwick’s most notorious and dangerous criminals. Several released inmates have come forward over the years to discuss the inhumane “interrogation” techniques used in the prison – some even claiming the CIA was involved – but no investigation was able to corroborate these stories.


The Probability of Time