Patrick’s Pub

Patrick’s Pub

Irish Pub

Patrick’s Pub is an Irish Pub located on the border of the Old Town and Warehouse districts in Grimwick. Patrick’s pub makes its first appearance in The Probability of Time.

Patrick’s Pub was originally a brothel that offered services to the men working the docks in what is now the Old Town district. During the Great Fire of 1804, the building was destroyed and several workers and clients were killed.

Joshua Granger, the owner of the brothel, went bankrupt following the fire because the women still in his service opted to find work elsewhere. In 1815, Granger sold the shell of the building to Patrick O’Sullivan who converted the space to a pub.

The establishment would become one of the most popular after-work destinations for men working in the warehouses until the economic collapse and subsequent outsourcing of jobs would lead to most the warehouses shutting down.

Although the pub didn’t technically sell alcohol during prohibition, the company used its liquors and other alcohols as ingredients in ice cream, which it converted the upper floors of the building to manufacture.


The Probability of Time