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Xander Phillips is having a really, really bad day. Is it because he’s mourning the untimely death of this father? No, that’s not it. Is it because his girlfriend broke up with him? Nope. Is it because for the last eight years he’s been stuck reliving the same mediocre day over and over again? Well … Oh wait, is it because August 24th is the day he may die? Yeah, that may have something to do with it.

August 24th is a coming-of-age short story about self-discovery, untimely magic, and the consequences of using your last quarter to make a wish.

“Be careful what you wish for! Xander Phillips learned the hard way that wishes can come true, but not necessarily how he’d envisioned. An intriguing and well written short story about a young man reliving the same day, sometimes betraying his morals by choices he makes.” – Amazon Review

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