Emagination Computer Camps, a national operator of summer technology camps for children since 1982, offers summer programs which blend fun technology learning with the life-long benefits of a traditional summer camp.

“Over the past several years, there has been an incredible rise in the interest in summer STEM learning opportunities,” said Craig Whiting, president of Emagination. “At Emagination, we’ve always believed in balancing educational time in front of a computer and the developmental benefits which come from non-technology, interpersonal activities.”

There are many aspects to Emagination’s program which differentiates it from other technology camps. Over a two-week camp session, each camper takes four workshops; three are technology workshops, which they choose from a selection of 26 that Emagination offers, and one is a recreation workshop.

Campers are organized into camper groups, similar to a traditional camp’s cabin groups, to foster socialization and building friendships through small group activities.

Structured and unstructured playtime is incorporated throughout the campers’ day with the camp’s “Refresh Time,” an hour after lunch to hang out with friends, play games, or socialize before afternoon workshops, and “Evening Program,” where campers choose from a selection of activities driven by camper interests.

The Saturday in the middle of the session is filled with fun outdoor games and activities such as a slip ‘n slide, color run, Human Pac-Man, and many more. A BBQ, movie night, and Local Area Network (LAN) gaming tournament are all part of the camp’s “Super Saturday.”

Returning high school-aged campers can participate in the camp’s Teen Leadership Program, which gives them the opportunity to learn leadership and life-skills and to put those skills into action by assisting staff both in the classroom and in outdoor activities.

“Our mission is to ‘educate, entertain, and help develop healthy kids,’” said Whiting, “and we believe we deliver on that mission with our programs.”

Emagination Computer Camps is offered at Boston College in Newton, Massachusetts, Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut, Rosemont College in Rosemont/Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia, and Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Emagination also offers two specialty STEM programs for teenagers, Emagination Programming Camp, and Emagination Game Design Camp.

In Emagination Programming Camp, teens ages 13 – 17 learn how to program with C# – the world’s most popular programming language for creating Windows applications. This two-week day or overnight STEM program is balanced with daily recreation and a full evening program for overnight campers.

In Emagination Game Design Camp, teens 15 – 18 experience what it’s like to work in the video game development industry. They join a team to build a playable 3D game, tour a game design studio, and learn from guest speakers. This two-week overnight only STEM program is an immersive experience but balanced with plenty of time for daily outdoor activities and recreation.

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